Sunday, December 11, 2011

Passing Years

Last regular season soccer game in U-10.
First Piano recital.
Cookies from scratch by herself.
500 page books.
Mother's Helper jobs.
Sharing shoes with me.
French manicures.
Belted Sweater Dress.
A new ring with a real stone.

Is it just me or is time flying by?

Thank you dear Lord for a most beautiful daughter inside and out. I am unworthy and so very grateful.


Jennifer said...

She's gorgeous!! Looks like she's already taller than me :) 'Course Toto was taller than me too. Such a bright light in the world. You're a great mom!

Grandma Cyndi said...

Such a talented young lady. I was so pleased to share yesterday with her, she handled herself with poise and grace while seeming to really enjoy the recital. It was wonderfuul!