Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Here

The Holiday season is upon us. Oh yes, it is.

In true to Carlee fashion, I started Advent activities with the kids (meant to be a daily countdown/reminder) early, and yet I am already behind. That's just how I roll.

In case you are looking for an easy, meaningful Advent idea, I am using Truth in the Tinsel. We read a Scripture passage and make an ornament each day, and the kids get to hang their ornaments on a ribbon in their rooms.

We also are reading will be reading this very sweet book about Benjamin Bear's travels to the Christ child that my dear Grandmother sent the kids last year. Each day Benjamin follows the star and meets up with a new character. My sweet mom helped me prepare an ornament for each story that corresponds to that day's character. It will be incredibly fun to do each know, once we actually start. Hopefully by December 3rd.

We are giving gifts to 2 special people: A 3 year old girls whose father is in prison, and a teenager taking care of himself and 2 siblings. What a privilege it is to bring a little joy to 2 such young people. We went shopping tonight--some pink-princess-ballet stuff for the girl... and a Pre-paid Vis@ for the boy. Not as fun to shop for, but certainly to be appreciated.

As of this moment (as in just a few moments ago) I have no essays to grade in my house! Woo Hoo! That is always cause for excitement. I have had 6 sets since late Sept. That's 900 essays in 8 weeks. I remain grateful for my job this season!

Moving on, because that quantity of essays gives me a headache to think about.

December is sure to be packed: 2 regular season soccer games remain, our first piano recital, church programs, my parents here for our Christmas together, parties galore...all slated to end with Daniel's whole family here for New Year's Eve. I am planning a fun, laid back yet super cool "Christmas on New Year's" here and having a great time doing it.

Yes, December has come in full force, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

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