Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have been a loyal Raiders fan since I was very, very young. I went to games with my dad, and those are priceless memories. They left LA in 1994, but I remained loyal. Even more interesting, I married a loyal Raiders fan.

But now I ask my team: What have you done for me lately?

And the answer is: NOTHING.

So I am in search of a new team.

And I am open to suggestions.

Here are the criteria:

--fun to watch
--not dirty
--not known for scandal



Jennifer said...

So I was never a football fan. To me, superbowl sunday meant we got to eat forbidden snack food. But then I moved to PIttsburgh which is a town that takes its football very seriously. I have become, and will probably always be, a Steelers fan. they're a good team. They are fun to watch because many of their wins are spectacular last minute hail mary's that keep you on your edge of your seat until the final play. My dad, who knows about such things, says they play really classic football. They have a long history and a cadre of loyal fans. And yes, Ben Rothelisberger is a big weenie who waves his around too much, BUT, and for me this is a BIG BUT, Polamalu (Ca native) is one of the best human beings on the planet. He comes almost every Friday to the peds onc floor, with no fanfare, and brings his guitar and sits by kids' beds and plays for them. he gets close to a alot of them and gives them his cell number to call when they are down or sick or need a friend. He comes to visit them in the PICU and when they are well he and his wife and family take many of them out to do things. Regular kid things. And again, without a lot of fanfare. All that, and he's a devout and vocal Cristian, a great smile, amazing hair, and makes more defensive touchdowns than anyone in the league.
That's my suggestion.

Jules said...

i would have to say chargers or jets!!!

Jules said...

of course the colts are an honorable team... peyton is an amazing player and teacher! so fun to watch

Grandma Cyndi said...

While Jennifer's points are strong, I think your Daddy would say simply "GO Pacs". So who do you choose?

Benjamin Bryan said...

You can watch StarCraft games for free on the internet. No need to subscribe to an expensive cable service or buy a big screen display that becomes the focal point of your living room!

Anne said...


Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

Hmm... from an official "Raider Hater" Go BRONCOS (but then again, I grew up in Denver). Love ya, Car!

Jeremy, Meg, Connor & Katie said...

From an official "raider hater", Go BRONCOS! (Then again, I grew up in Denver). Love you, Car