Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paragraph Assignment

The Best Time I Ever Had
by: Mckenna Russell

    The best time I ever had was at Magic Mountain. When I went to Magic Mountain I went with my dad and I had loads of fun with him. We loved most of the rides. My favorite was Tatsu. It felt like I was on a dragon! First, you sit down and get buckled up, and you even have to lock in your ankles! Then, the seat raises up and you feel like you’re flying! Next, you start moving forward and you go up, up, up. Soon you’re at the top then you go down, down, down, head first! Then, you go all over the place and soon you’re at the beginning and the ride is over. One of the rides we both didn’t like was Déjà vu. It was too much for us. I loved going to Magic Mountain!


soren2go said...

That girl is a writer! You can read joy in her words.

Grandma Cyndi said...

Such a fun day, and you earned it which made it even better! So proud of you.

The Kilgore's said...

So cute! Love the story!