Saturday, November 26, 2011

Racing Day

Here's a progression for you:

Daniel decided to run 2 miles every Tuesday night.
Mckenna decided to go with him.
Mckenna thought it was hard, wanted to quit.
Daniel and I decided she shouldn't quit.
Mckenna's friends run 5k races.
Mckenna decided to run a 5k.
Mckenna and Daniel trained harder. 
Mckenna and Daniel ran a 5k.

There have been tears, arguments, and pain, but most of all victories. And on Thanksgiving both Daniel and Mckenna ran their first race. Not only did they finish, but they took 1 minute per mile off the best time she had ever run (from a 9 min 40 second mile to a 8 minute 44 second mile).

Before the race started {all smiles}

Our beautiful backdrop

The first {of 3} times they ran past us

The second time {she's working hard}

Cheering Sqaud

Coming down the last leg
Sprinting to the finish line

Their time {27 minutes 9 seconds}

Somewhere around 25 minutes I was already teary eyed and getting anxious to see them, even though I wasn't expecting them until about 30 minutes. When I saw them at 27 minutes, I started crying hard. I am so proud of my runners! And I am so thankful that my daughter (and the other 2) has her incredible dad. He never would run a 5k on his own--he runs for fitness, but has no need to race. He did this for her, and what a gift that is!


The Kilgore's said...

Love it! That is awesome!

Grandma Cyndi said...

I never saw Rob race (in high school) but would have loved to be in the cheering section for this. So very proud of both of them.!