Thursday, September 1, 2011

RoadTrip, Part 1

I set out to write daily blogs about our 15 day vacation. 
I also set out to complete that task in a few days.
The two are incompatible.
How about we go with sections of our trip? Yes? I agree.


Sunday, August 14. After Daniel preached in church, ran a crazy meeting, and then played basketball, we set out for my parents’ house. Fortunately for me, we had decided only to pack clothes for a week, a cooler of food and drinks, and a few toys and school material for the kids. 

Easiest road trip packing ever. 

Miles Logged: 156
Monday, August 15. We pulled out at about 6:00 am, and we managed to not stop again until we hit Woodland, CA, just north of Sacramento, or about 5 hours later. As we pulled into Costco for gas, lunch, and a bathroom break, the gas tank dinged the empty warning sound. Perfect timing.
We made it into Rogue River, OR in time for dinner, and managed to check something off my bucket list: Eat at a Sonic Drive-In. I was utterly unimpressed.
After a little time with Grandma we checked in at our hotel, went swimming, and then slept.

Miles Logged: 680
Total Miles: 836
Tuesday, August 16. After a hotel breakfast and a quick swim, we picked up Grandma and headed to Grants Pass, OR. The Glass Forge was our first stop, and well worth it. Very talented, incredible glass blowers who make all kinds of things. The kids were impressed AND they didn’t break anything. A quick lunch and we checked in at Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions. My 86 year old grandma is the coolest, and she took us on a crazy jet boat ride: 18 miles down and back up the Rogue River to Hellgate Canyon (where River Wild with Meryl Streep, among other films, was shot). Our guide was hilarious and expert; he could spin our boat in wild 360s and take us from zero to 55 mph and back to zero in seconds. We saw 2 Bald Eagles, a fawn, and many osprey. Excellent trip.

Miles Logged: 30 (plus 36 on the River I am not going to count)
Total Miles: 866

Wednesday, August 17. We returned to a creek we had re-discovered the night before. It’s also the place of many of my childhood memories.  Dan and I relaxed on the bank while the kids collected rocks. Mckenna spied an old ladder and rope swing, and then the real fun began.  

Hewn from old planks and hung by a chain it took effort and ingenuity to maneuver. 

 But she prevailed!

 Pondering her next move

 She jumps!

Gabriel definitely likes to keep up with his daring big sister, but more cautious genes made their way into him than into his 2 sisters combined. With a little encouragement from Dad, and a little help from his sister, Gabe also found his way to the top.

“It’s not pretty under there!” he exclaimed as his head emerged from green water. 
Turns out his fear came more from the unknown of the deep water than the height of the ledge.

The next time she climbed up, Mckenna used a stick to get the rope, and spent the next hour swinging and dropping into the water.

1 day of travel and 2 days in Oregon with Grandma were a great start to our Roadtrip.

Up next: Visiting family in Idaho


Jennifer said...

Wow that looks like fun. We went to this "amusement park" n Cancun once that had this huge rock ledge to jump off of. Terrifying but fun. A rope would have been a great addition! Nate has the cautious genes too. They came from Daddy, 'cause I certainly didn't contribute them :)

Grandma Cyndi said...

What fun memories of the "Duck Park" in RR