Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blessing of a Niece

Oh my sweet Jadelyn!

We had the absolute privilege of having Jadelyn spend 2 nights and 3 days at our house. We also had the blessing of Grandma Gail coming for 2 of those days. At one point I called Jadelyn's Mommy and told her I understand why she is exhausted on a regular basis. Jadelyn is busy, smart, fast, and stubborn. But she is also sweet, tender hearted, caring, and pure cuteness. She regularly checked to make sure her cousins were taken care of, and she was very quick to share. Quite the combination! 
I took very few pictures, though I hope to get some more from Grandma Gail, but these tell a piece of the story of how much these cousins LOVE each other. One morning Mckenna helped Jadelyn get dressed. She picked a bright blue shirt and jean shorts. All 3 of my kids changed their clothes in order to match their cousin. I'm not sure where Mckenna was for this picture.

Later this day I took them all to Costco. It was busy, and at times they had to walk single file in front of my cart. Everywhere we went people commented on my "line up." :o)

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The Kilgore's said...

So cute!! I was hoping to see pictures of her time with you!! So talks about wanting to come back!!! So is it still true adding just one more is really not much more work=)