Friday, September 2, 2011

RoadTrip, Part 2

Thursday, August 18. Bright and early we checked out and headed down a path we had never traveled. Up the 5 freeway, take a right before Portland, and trace nearly the entire northern border of Oregon before turning North to Spokane, WA. A jaunt to the east, and suddenly we’re 60 miles from Montana and from Canada.  

Miles Logged: 678
Total Miles: 1,544
Friday, August 19. There is only one excellent reason to travel so far north on our Road trip. Auntie Kris, Uncle Ben, and our sweet baby nephew Elijah moved to “South Canada” in May. Walking through their town, which is a throwback to times where you walk to and through town, we discovered we weren’t so far off by calling it South Canada. There were many Canadian flags and even a sign affirming the connection.

After we perused the shops and ate at a pub filled with local food and hand brewed Ale and Rootbeer, we visited the beach, or at least an Idahoan version of the beach. In a mall made from wood that was once a bridge, we stumbled upon a fantastic idea: free craft material for kids. My 3 artists were thrilled.

"We saw the Statue of Liberty, Mom, and we didn't even go to New York!"

3 Mooses with their beloved Auntie

Miles Logged: All on foot.
Total Miles: 1,544
Saturday, August 20. Apparently it is mandatory to pick huckleberries in Idaho. I thought it would be mandatory to dig up some potatoes, but that is only in southern Idaho, I learned. I have picked blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries; huckleberries provide an entirely new challenge. Sparsely populated bushes and loose dirt means milk jugs are just the thing to hold the berries--WHEN you lose your footing you don’t lose your entire crop.

Up to the resort for another locally grown lunch at the bottom of some ski slopes and a picturesque opportunity for photos. 

Baby Elijah is adorable, busy, and oh so fun

Miles Logged: 22
Total Miles: 1,566


Ellen said...

I'm having fun reading about your adventures :-) Glad to hear South Canada was so nice.

Ellen said...

I'm having fun reading about your adventures. Glad to hear South Canada was so nice :-)

Grandma Cyndi said...

Oh, blackberries, but to tell the truth, Dad's all time favorite is huckleberries. Hard to find but worth the effort.

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure I've ever had a huckleberry. SOunds like fun. I think pour raspberry bush is going to make just enough for a single tart this year :)