Wednesday, June 15, 2011

House Blog

I made it back to my blog before an entire month had passed. That might be just shy of miraculous. :o)

We have moved into a home we own, added 3 temporary members (more later), and dealt with a very broken finger (also, more later).

As you can see, blogging is low on the priority list.

Without further delay, here are some before and after pictures of our wonderful new home.

Family Room from the kitchen
Living/Dining Room

 Those are the only 2 rooms we kept the same. There is a dark sage/olive green in the kitchen and family room, and a brown in the living/dining room. I don't adore the color, but it's certainly something I can live with. My amazing friend painted the baseboards with a fresh coat of white and cleaned the carpets.

All the other rooms were dirty and primer white--as if they had never been really painted (the house is only 4 years old).
Girls' Room (with some friends playing in it!)

Gabe's Room

Laundry room full of supplies
All the ceiling fans were missing, so Daniel and some friends installed 6 fans.

Master Bedroom

 We had INCREDIBLE help from our church family. People came and painted, cleaned, and moved us. We accomplished so much because we had such incredible help.

Gabe's room, finished. This is his orange wall (he wanted an entire orange room!).

The view from the hallway. I LOVE how this turned out and thanks to my friend Rhonda I now know the trick for perfect stripes every time.

The Girls' room!
There are only butterflies on this wall, but the blue on the bottom goes throughout the whole room.

Master room. I am working on a beach theme in here...and some insanely creative friends are helping. I cannot wait to reveal the final look (it's not done yet!).

A cubby in our room.

Towards the front of the house is a mini "suite." It's a separate bedroom and bathroom, that isn't near the rest of the bedrooms. We painted it a soft, neutral tan and don't have a vision for this room just yet. 

It's hard to explain how blessed we feel to own this home. When we left Riverside, we left a dream home. And while this house will need some work (the backyard is a sand pit, and that's it), it is perfect for us and is ideal for all kinds of ministry. The Lord has been so good, so faithful to us!

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Cinders said...

BHA! looks like SO much fun!!! congrats you guys!