Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mckenna's Turn

Juliana had her turn spending a few days with Auntie, Uncle and her cousins, as I bogged about here.

A couple weeks ago after they came out to celebrate Gabe and Juliana's birthday, Auntie asked if Mckenna could go home with them this time. When Mckenna heard she said, "Just let me pack." :o)

Joanna has become an incredible photographer, and I just loved the photos she sent me throughout the 4 days Mckenna spent helping her with Jadelyn and Kody and enjoying being with them.

They spent much of their time at a very cool park with a Pirate Ship playground.
Kody the Cannon Ball!

No, they are not sisters!

Seriously? My auntie heart melts at this one. He is so stinking adorable, and loves to smile and laugh! Oh, and he is gigantic! He might pass up his cousins who are 2 and 4 months older than him!

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