Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Juliana and Jadelyn

Apparently, 4 years and 11 months old is plenty big enough to sleep over at a cousin's house. Juliana is usually very hesitant to go anywhere without mom, dad or a sibling, but when her sweet cousin asked her to come stay at her house, Jules said yes. We had *hoped* having a big kid around would give Jadelyn someone to play with and therefore give Kyle and Joanna a little bit of a restful week. But, being the fun auntie and uncle they are, I am not sure they are getting a real break, since they are having too much fun with their little blondies.

And don't forget Kody! I am MADLY in love with this little boy! Pretty sure he is loving having another "big sister" to love on him!

Our only concern about this whole thing is are we ever going to get her back?


The Kilgore's said...

Of course you will get her back=) You amaze me by doing this whole 3 kid thing! So trust me she will be coming back!!

Becky R said...

so sweet