Sunday, May 8, 2011

Always a Mother

The past few weeks I have found myself calling my mom more and more. The busier it gets around here between homeschool, church life, sorting and packing, cleaning, and preparing to move, the more my mom's consistency has been like a spring of fresh water to me.

Through the years we have become friends, there is no doubt, but no matter how old I get, I find I still need a mother. And while I am grateful that she values me and seeks my advice, I am more grateful for the constant source of love that she is.

Lately Mckenna has grown into her age, meaning she thinks I am ridiculous and annoying sometimes. She doesn't often want to do what I ask, and she is short tempered. I can be tempted to get my feelings hurt, but then I think of my mom. She has been subjected to the worst of my short temper, the harshest of my cruel words, and the least of my small quantities of mercy. And yet, she loves me. In words, in deeds, in gifts, she loves me.

I remember when I got my driver's license at 16 years and 1 day old :o) My mom was actually quite thrilled. See, I was a very active teenager, always needing transportation. From school to soccer practice, to the YMCA, to guide dogs, to ASB meetings, to Clubs and volunteer activities; and then I started coaching and refereeing soccer too--she was truly a taxi for years! And now my own kids need constant rides to their acitivies, and it wears on a person. But I don't remember my mom ever complaining. She never made me feel bad for all my activity. Even when I came home from track practice in a hypoglycemic shock and yelled because dinner wasn't ready, she just took care of me.  So I don't complain either, and I don't resent my kids' busy-ness, because I had a wonderful example.

And now I get to see my mom as a grandma, teaching my kids her skills, discovering and supporting their individual interests. What fun we have as 3 generations spending time together!

Thanks, mom, for all of it. The older my kids get, the more I realize what it took to be my mom, and the more gratitude-filled I am.

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