Thursday, January 6, 2011

An out of order Milestone

Honestly, I still am struggling to care about everyday things, including blogging. Between Juliana's nasty cold/bronchitis/ear infection, a new nephew I have yet to meet,  and of course Jadelyn's scary 5 days in the hospital, the mundane holds little appeal.

That said,  a very exciting thing happened this week, and I want to remember it forever.

My son drank his first glass of milk. EVER. 

We knew he was lactose intolerant at only a few weeks of age. He slept on his stomach at 2 weeks old, against common medical advice, because it was the only position he could actually sleep in; he was 4 weeks old when I cut dairy completely out of my diet, and his discomfort decreased dramatically. When he started taking some formula, the only one that worked was soy. Once he took one bite of ice cream and immediately threw up his entire dinner.

But 2 years of daily smoothies, fortified with pro-biotics and live cultures, plus age and overall health...and my son can drink milk. Even more incredible: he likes it!