Friday, January 7, 2011

One Great Day

So many good things today, I can't even fit them all in one post.

I spent 3+ hours with this little girl today

She is not this little anymore, in fact she is almost three years old. But since this remains one of my favorite pictures of all time, I thought I would post it.

It sure beats the pictures of her hooked up to monitors from the hospital this week.

I wish I could report that Jadelyn is 100% herself. I can't.

However, her cheerful, smiley, content, fun, goofy, silly, wonderful self peeked out this afternoon, and I will take that.

By the end of our time together she was showing us some of her favorite tricks. One of them was closing all the bedroom doors so the hallway has almost no light. Then she says, "Dark," and giggles hysterically. I must admit that our tolerance for her game is less than hers; nonetheless, it was quite amusing.

She found it funny that I sat on her window seat because that is her time out spot. She let me know that.

She put her doll--JuJu of course, "Big JuJu" in fact--in the doll stroller and led all of us around the house and backyard. She invited each of us by name.

She asked for Chicken Dinosaurs and ate them gladly.

These things, though they may seem small, are amazing for a little girl who has been through so much.

She is resilient, tough, and strong. She is smart, beautiful, and compassionate. She is feisty, pensive, and loving.

She reminds me of her mom.

And I love her with my whole heart.

Next up: Meeting my nephew!

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Allie said...

she sounds like an amazing little girl. praying for her every day.