Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have I mentioned that Joanna is pregnant, due in about 2 months with a baby boy? It makes sleeping at the hospital even less appealing, but she has not complained. No one is complaining about anything. We only care that Jadelyn is okay.

I just wanted to share this picture of Jadelyn (and her daddy). I love it. She's such a happy girl. Oh, and she wears rainboots everyday, with every outfit. She has a few pairs, and she loves them. I saw some zebra striped ones at Target, and they made me think of her.

It seems as though she had a small seizure Monday night. They are in the hospital again tonight. Not sure what other tests they can run; so far everything has come back showing nothing.


Juliana is sick, and getting worse, not better. We head back to the dr. tomorrow. I feel incredibly grateful for my nebulizer, which allows my baby to breathe, and the humidifier, which makes it more comfortable for her to sleep. We discovered we can play 2 games of Princess Go Fish in the time her breathing treatment takes.

Today we read books all morning. Gabe and I started and finished 2 Magic Treehouse books. He was so happy! The girls played with Play-Doh for at least 7 hours. They made all kinds of wonderful creations I wish I had photographed.  Kenna and I braved the cold for soccer practice, and then stocked up at Costco.


Please don't stop praying for Jadelyn, Kyle, and Joanna.

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Allie said...

Praying for your sweet neice every day. I can't believe the pain her parents are going through, hopefully they will get answers soon. Love you Carlee!