Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

Daniel walked the kids to church early--he had to be early and they wanted to go. It's incredible what 15 minutes of utter silence can do for my soul.

School has been different this week. Thursday night I set up the entire table and kitchen counter with science labs. Friday we made silly putty, volcanoes, globes, and dinosaur skeletons, grew crystals and seeds, and made a huge mess.

I haven't cleaned said mess up yet.

Last night we were all so exhausted we had frozen yogurt for dinner. It's a build it yourself and pay by weight place, and we (Daniel) think it's fun to check the receipt and see who got the most. I always win that one.

Frozen yogurt is my favorite food. Ever.

I adore my husband. I wake up every morning thinking that I am the most blessed woman alive to have married him. He loves me so much I cried the other night thinking about how no one else could love me the way he does.

I listened to an excellent sermon on being a wise woman, one who blesses her husband. It talked about how men are problem solvers by nature. If we add to their problems--whether by nagging, complaining, adding burdens, spending too much money, etc.--we become part of their problem.

However, if we solve a problem, we bless them.

So, remove a burden, come in under budget each month, compliment him, thank him, fix something yourself instead of complaining, add money to the budget instead of overspending.

I want to be a blessing to my husband.

The kids have "reverted" to sleeping all in the same room or even the same bed. They just don't like to be away from each other, and 2 of them really like a warm body next to them.

They are still young and super innocent. But we know a day is coming that it will not be appropriate for them to share a sleeping space.

We mourn that day, and at the same time wonder if we need to head that direction now.

The dog and cat play together. It's quite hilarious since she is a tiny little thing, even for a cat, and he is gigantic.

Gabe wants a pet, and is hoping for a bird.

Probably not going to happen.

And now I need to leave for church.

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Grandma Cyndi said...

What a blessed couple you both are to have each other. As I observe the interaction between you and the love you have for one another, I am so overwhelmed by joy, gratefulness,and thankfulness that God brought you together. You have a beautiful approach to marriage and it shows.