Saturday, October 23, 2010

If you want Soccer Pictures...

You are going to need to come to the game.

Today's soccer schedule looked like this:

7:30--all of us out the door. 3 kid and me to soccer pictures for Kenna, Dan to his men's BBQ.

8:30--While I warmed up Mckenna's team, a WONDERFUL college student picked Juliana up from me and took her to her game at a different location.

9:00--Mckenna's game and Juliana's game at the same time, at different places. Since I coach Mckenna & didn't make any of Juli's game....No pictures.

10:10--RUN to get Juli and Bianca's house. Her team scored their first goals today, and Juli kicked the ball a ton. That is major improvement.

10:25--Race to Starbucks (the kids picked it, honest!) where I got a VENTI coffee and the kids got hot chocolate.

10:40--Lug all the stuff out to Gabe's game--set up the banner, got the boys warmed up

11:00--Assistant coach Gabe's game--ergo, no pictures.

12:15--Head home, happy and exhausted.

So, please, someone come use my wonderful camera and take some incredible pictures of my kids playing soccer.

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