Monday, January 18, 2010

I haven't had time to post. And then with the earthquake I have put all my energy into fundraising and praying. But, we got word that at least 2 orphanages, including 3 Angels, have travel permission and documents for all their kids to travel on Tuesday! Praise the Lord! Don't stop praying or giving...there are many details for their travel that will need to be facilitated, and then there will be a whole new wave of orphans in the coming days and weeks. But I did feel like posting a lighter post today. 

I have found some time to read lately. Not much, but I'm a fast reader, so my crazy mix of pleasure and educational reading has gone fairly quickly.  This historical, Christian Fiction was disappointing. I loved Lynn Austin's Refiner's Fire series, and expected to love this one, but I didn't. This Man's Story is fascinating, and once I am finished with it I plan to read it to the kids.  I am currently reading This, which I am enjoying thoroughly, but it is deep, thought provoking, and convicting--not something to speed through. All parents, and young men and women, should read it, but be warned: You will think differently when you are done. And I have also started This book on the Priority of Adoption, but want to read it slowly and take it all in. 

This book is fantastic! It's a short manual for creatively and practically developing your childrens' character. I highly recommend it to all parents, and the sooner you start the better. We know the authors, which only adds to the quality of the book because their grown children are all amazing young people. 

What are you reading? My friend and fellow mom of 3, Melissa, and I are looking for a book to go through together. Anyone have any suggestions?

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