Sunday, January 17, 2010

I don't know about you, but Haiti has not been far from my mind lately.

But, truthfully, it hasn't been far from my mind for the past 3 years.

Because we have more than 2 biological children, we are not allowed to adopt from this country.  I grieved that law, then decided to do what I could for those who can adopt, and for the orphans that are in Haiti.

I am asking you to help now.

Pray. The stories I have heard come from Haiti, as horrific as they are, have a message of miracles too. Starting with the fact that every single orphanage I have heard of had no children seriously injured. There's the news crew that made it to an orphanage in horrible shape after we started to pray. I know that God is working in Haiti, I know our prayers matter. My every extra moment is centered around praying for Haiti, especially for the orphans.

3 Angels    Orphanage, Medical Clinic, School  
Donating to this organization puts funds directly into the hands of those who can help.

For His Glory   Orphanage with over 125 children. It's in dire need--out of water, out of formula, only 1 truck as shelter. Desperately needs help. I did hear that finally, today some workers made it there.

Troy and Tara Livesay    Missionaries in Haiti. Regular people with amazing dedication to the people of Haiti. They have somehow managed to get a team of people--DOCTORS--with supplies to them already. They need funds to get a clinic set up.

These are the people/organizations I know who can help the most. You and I, who don't speak the language or have emergency medical training...we cannot help by being there. These people can. And, to the absolute best of my knowledge, and I have looked intensively, every dime will go straight to helping--no percentage taken off for administration costs.

If you look on the right hand side of my blog, you will see a button for Swahbucks. Click it, and sign up. It's free. Then, use it as your search engine, and every so often you will be awarded a swagbuck. You can turn them in as donations for relief for Haiti. It's free to you. Plus, anyone who signs up with my button on the right earns me some swagbucks also, and I will donate them.

If you just aren't sure what to do, you can let me know and I will facilitate the donation for you. 3 Angels was started by people from my church. I get the updates, I live nearby the administrator. I can be sure the money gets there.

Thank you.

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