Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something you can Do

Update 7:55 pm, Tuesday night:

Adoptive parents have been asked to stop calling. The clearance is essentially stalled out. The orphans need to get to the US Embassy--something hard and potentially dangerous to do pre-earthquake, let alone now. The One who can make this happen now is the Lord. So pray without ceasing that the children safely make it to where they need to go to get on planes.


Three things to do. They are easy, though maybe uncomfortable.

1. Call your Governor, Senator, Representative. Say this: "I am calling on behalf of Orphans at The House of God's Children in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The children are ready to leave--they have visas, a plane, escorts, and families waiting for them here. They do not have clearance from our government only because there are also children going to Canada and Argentina from the same orphanage. The situation at the orphanage is now dire. They are out of water, formula and medication. The babies will start to die from dehydration. Please put pressure on our government to work with the other governments to get these children home. There is not time for a case by case review."

2. Commit to not eat out until Valentine's Day. On February 14th, donate every dime you would have spent to an orphanage. (Scroll down to previous post, I have listed 2).

3. Pray. I have 3 young children, I cannot stop and pray in silence often. I pray as I do dishes, I pray as I read through emails and blogs. I pray as I fold laundry. I pray as I fall asleep. I pray as I make meals. Pray, in your heart and mind, constantly, that we can get these kids to their adoptive parents right now.

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