Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have no words. really. Haiti is so dear to me.

Please check out these 3 ministries in Haiti.


Donate if you can. These are completely legitimate ministries, and all donations will directly help the people of Haiti, specifically children.

Here is what they need:

There are many uncertainties at this time, but one thing we do know is we need your help. Please don’t assume someone else will carry this burden. We truly need YOU to donate to the hard work ahead! We will need immediate funding for the following (costs estimated):
  • Transportation costs for exploratory team / first wave - $1500
  • Initial Medical Supplies - dressings, casting supplies, medications, cipro, oral rehydration, wound care, etc) - $1800
  • Vehicle - $25,000
  • Satellite Phone (rental 4 weeks) - $500
  • Security costs (personnel, rebuild exterior walls, razor wire) - $2000

They have reported that food costs have already doubled, and they are feeding 70 children 3 meals per day.

Missionaries in Port-Au-Prince (epicenter of the earthquake). These people are amazing, and the husband, Troy, went out at first light to make sure the people from the orphanage and other places were okay.

If you can give, do. If you can't, spread the word.

Above all, pray.

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