Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Year, Another Day

I expected my 31st birthday to feel like this...just another day in another year. I am not even saying that in a self-pity kind of way. I honestly don't care all that much anymore, and our circumstances have taken a large place in my emotions.

But, to my very pleasant surprise, I had several sweet gifts designed to make my day special.

My hubby took me out, and we used gift cards and free-bees to have a fun night together.

My mom brought me a huge gift bag with clothes, shoes, a pan and an MP3 player! Dan's mom helped me buy a floor cleaner for my tile, and took my kids to Starbucks to get me a gift card--what a treat.

Then these showed up from a florist. My sweet friend Debs sent them to me. I was floored. They are still beautiful, and her thoughtfulness made me cry.

Our friends and neighbors, the Blooms, came for a visit and brought me this candle that smells amazing. I light it every night and enjoy its warmth and sweet scent. Plus it's red. I love red.

And my dear Melissa, who was in Ontario on my birthday, took me to dinner and spoiled me ridiculously with this new wallet. Isn't it gorgeous? And it was not empty--gift cards and cash were tucked away in hidden pockets. Her attention to detail in my life humbled me, and we had so much fun together that night.

I have to mention too that my sis Joanna did the sweetest thing. I mean really, who else besides a sister would go through a Costco sized jar of Jelly Bellies and pick out the coffee ones for me? There's no picture, because, um, I ate them.

All in all I felt blessed, supported, loved and special. That's what makes a great birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet friend, happy belated birthday!

Briana Norton