Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little Type-A

I have gotten a little heat for helping my children reach their potential in the realm of child crafted, seasonal decorations that have the potential to hang in my home for the next century.

I confess, I think it is a benefit of homeschool that I have some creative input when my three small children are painting, cutting and gluing fauna for my home.

I mean, after all, wouldn't you rather have a handprint Christmas wreath or a pumpkin made from a roll of toilet paper that is neat, and attractive, while still displaying the size of your darling's hand or the cleverness of their mind?

In my home, if I am not all over this I would put out purple pumpkins, black Christmas Trees, and yellow hearts, and everything made by my son would have a long-neck dinosaur not so subtly hidden on its face. Seriously.

So, you be the judge? Obsession, or insight?

At 10:00 when inspiration struck, I grabbed paper plates from our stash.

I painted them each a different-but-coordinating fall color, and later added a border.

In the morning, I painted the kids' hands with this delicious chocolaty brown paint, and they stuck their hands on the plate that was the color they liked, forever marking the size of their hands.

They used the little squares I had cut up (you know, so that they would be one inch, and square), came up with a pattern, and glued them on the rim of the plate. I did not fix Gabe's crooked ones, I will have you know.

Using Q-Tips, they dotted color on to make feathers, an eye, legs and a gobbler (I think that's what you call the red, hangy thingy).

Once you see how perfectly coordinated, perfectly fall, and perfectly imperfect the results are, do you think I am obsessed or attentive?

My 3 Moose Turkeys


Grandma Cyndi said...

They are fabulous!! You know I still hang the Christmas wreaths made with your green finger prints with red berries on burlap with a construction paper frame you and Travis each made in the 1st grade every year and it is one of my favorites. (PS it is called a waddle; gobbler is a nick name for a turkey because of the sound they make:) )

Jennifer said...

I love them!!!! Also, I was just reading your mom's comment and realized there is a burlap and construction paper wreath like that at my dad's house as well.

Jennifer said...

Of COURSE my dad still puts up the wreath. In fact, a few years a go he forgot to take it down and it stayed up all year. Very festive. He still gets out the old busted artificial tree from when I was six. It falls over every year. We have a lot of fun family traditions . . . I am bringing Nathan hoe for Christmas this year to indoctrinate him into the madness. My dad is as excited as a schoolgirl about it.