Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final Brag: We are in Trouble

I kid you not when I tell you that Juliana's charm has NEVER yet failed her. She called Gabe's MMA instructor "Bad Guy" because he wears all black. He loves her. 

She hugged a man a church the other day (a friend of ours, no worries), and as she pulled away said, "I have boogers" as she checked his shirt to see if any had escaped. He smiled, hugged her again, and said, "I don't mind boogers." 

She charms the Trader Joe guys into multiple balloons and stickers, the doctor into extra lollipops, and her dad into just about anything. 

When someone tells her she is adorable, she shrugs her right shoulder, smiles coyly, and says, "Sorry about that." They think it's even more adorable. We think it's Trouble.

I have heard that sometimes the third or last kid will allow their siblings to talk and think for them. Juliana never got that memo. In fact, she is bound and determined to keep up and surpass them. She rides a scooter, climbs the bunk bed ladder, washes her own hair, and her favorite expression is, "I can do that!" (It sounds like, "I tan do dat!" which only adds to the charm.)

Fortunately her charm has not become a means of  (too much) evil, just yet. When she charmed a nurse into 3 stickers, she selected one and asked me to put the other 2 in my purse. I heard her say, "One for Tenna and one for Dabe." In Juli-speak that's Kenna and Gabe. My 3 year old shared her hard earned stickers. That causes this mommy to swell with joy and pride.

Friends at church call this little joy, "Sunshine," for that's what she is: a ray of joy, light, love, and laughter into all of our lives. I was not ready to be pregnant when we discovered she was on her way, but now I believe God knew that we needed this delightful, snuggly, bright, happy blessing.

When Juliana grows up she wants to be 5. Gabe wanted to be 5 starting at age 2, so this makes perfect sense in this household. Besides, we will take all the time with them we can get!

When you think of Juliana, pray that God will fill her heart at a young age (she already tells us that Jesus is in her heart). Pray that she will always spread joy to her world, and that she will never lose her giving and cheerful spirit. Pray that she will be protected from boys (I am not kidding) all through her teens, and that as her charm develops she will also develop wisdom. And pray for her daddy, because he is not going to let go of this one easily.


Cassandra Rollins said...

I loved all of the pictures...she is such a ray of sunshine to Tott and tassie

Jennifer said...

She is lovely. They all are! You are lucky, but as I've said, also awesome yourself. These big/little ones clearly reflect on their parents! As Daddy's little girl, i can tell you it is just as hard for the "little girl" to "let go" even if she is 30. How wonderful that they have this special relationship!

Christine said...

How adorable!

Jules said...

May God be with you on this one... hahaha I am coming back in 13 years... just to witness it all!! love ya