Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not paint our kitchen and largest room Monday and Tuesday, deep clean carpets, and clean like a mad-woman over the weekend to get ready for a bridal shower I was throwing...only to stuff my closet full of laundry baskets of dirty clothes right before the shower started.

I did not tell the wonderful Miss Darla how much I loved her insulated Starbucks Cold Coffee Cup that looks like a Starbucks cup but does not "sweat" and has a notch on the straw that keeps it from falling out only to have her buy me one the next day and I never use run-on sentences when I am excited and I have not used it every minute since she gave it to me and I do not love it more than I should. (taking deep breath)

I did not suggest to the kids that homeschooling next year might lead to a new pet.

I did not give the girls a bottle of non-toxic window cleaner and rags to clean the glass on the coffee table to have them discover it was not window cleaner but vinegar.

And, I did not get tackled by a "friend" at a 4th of July party so that he could wipe his sweaty head on me, and I did not stay inside for a good 3 hours to avoid being thrown into the pool. I am a lady, and no one would ever think it's okay to treat me like one of the guys.

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