Saturday, July 4, 2009

Third Brag: LIttle in the Middle

You may remember the post called Little in the Middle, and that title for my only son still rings true. His younger sister weighs about the same and is nearly as tall; and although that is partially because she tops out the height and weight charts, it's also true because he is, well, little. 40 pounds may be a small number, but in this small package we daily find huge joy. 

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Gabriel replied, "What job has a gun and a sword?" That's my boy. An Officer in the Marines it is. 

But we don't let his yellow-belt-sporting-bad-guy-fighting-nerf-gun-shooting persona fool us. There is none sweeter than this little guy. Though he would rather be slaying dragons and fighting Siths with his lightsaber than playing house with his sisters, he does play house because he understands that kindness is an important virtue. He is also the quickest to allow correction and discipline to affect him. The other day he got in big trouble for whining at me and telling me how unfair I was...over and over. I took away some serious privileges for the next whole day after I explained how his disrespect and poor choice of words showed a greedy and hard heart. The day of his punishment he told me that he will gladly do any chore he is supposed to do, and that he will respond to me with, "Yes, Mom." And he has ever since.

Gabe hurts at the pain of others, is the first to comfort and care, and whereas Mckenna is driven to action, Gabe is driven to be there. He will hug and hold and cry with anyone who is hurting. That's what we love about this sweet tough guy.

When you think of Gabriel, pray with us that he will live up to his name--God's Warrior--in whatever capacity the Lord wants to use him. Pray that as he advances in MMA he keeps his tender spirit and gentleness; pray that he will show the love of God in all he does, and that the gospel will motivate his actions. And pray for me, his Momma, as I begin let go already and allow him to be young man who seeks adventure.

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