Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They're Cousins...

2 of my sisters (in law, but we don't often say that part) and I try to get together once a month. Between us we have 6 kids, and only Mckenna is school-aged. When they come it is crazy, chaotic fun. We discovered a few things on Monday when they were here. 

I am Jadelyn's favorite auntie. Sorry to the other aunties, but we must face the truth. I got her to stop crying and to play, I figured out she likes plain yogurt (and she ate 3 bowls), I bought her baby food, and changed her diaper. Hey, she's only 7 months old...that's enough to win her over. Seriously people, could she be any more adorable. I Think Not.

Juliana (2.5) and Michael (21 months) are double trouble together. My coffee table ended up covered in crayon (not really an exaggeration), they snuck off together and schemed, were quite hyper together, and just have that *look* that mommies know means mischief. They had a screaming good time in the tub after I cut Michael's hair (which was also a screaming time, but not "good." Kim had to take the clippers home to finish the back when he wasn't so tired and cranky).

Gabe is the sweetest of sweeties. Oh, wait, we already knew that. He is as good of a big cousin as he is a big brother. 

This is Michael pre-haircut. He is ALL boy.  We learned that he can miss his nap and still have fun as long as a cousin or two are there to keep him entertained. Apparently he clapped with glee when he saw that they were pulling up to my house!
Umm...since Lizzie is the easiest, mellowest 2 month old on the planet, I actually did not take pictures of her. Next time!

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