Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Love

Do you know a couple whose names just flow together as if they were one person? Our wonderful, dear friends Mark and Audrey are like that. Around here they are not Mark.......and......Audrey, it's more like MarkNAudrey. All smooshed together. One of the very wonderful things about them is that they are not just MarkNAudrey anymore, although they were wonderful when they were. Hayden was born on Juliana's 1st birthday. The funny thing is that Audrey sometimes asks me how old Jules is, and I ask her how many months Hayden is. Seriously, since our kids share a birthday one year apart you would THINK we could figure it out(you know, add or subtract 12 months). But, no, we have mommy brain*.

MarkNAudreyNHayden recently bought a house bringing them within reach for us. They are a quick 20 minutes up the freeway ***can I get a WOOT WOOT*** and we plan on hanging out a lot more. They really need their own post, I could write about their wonderfulness forever. But for now, let's move on to last week.

I watched Mr. Hayden himself for a few hours while they worked on the new house. We already planned to write "The Contract"  when Hayden was born on Juliana's birthday, but after seeing them together, it's a done deal. Sorry kids, I know this is the 21st century in America, but can you say, "Arranged Marriage?"

Their version of wrestling. My version of cuteness.

 "Here Jules, eat my slobbered on chicken nugget. I love to share with you." If that does not spell L-O-V-E I do not know what does.
When I dropped him off at home he protested. I pretended it was me he wanted, but we all know the truth. I told Audrey it was no big deal, I hardly noticed there was another kid running around. She laughed, and said that if I dropped off my three at her house she would NOT say the same thing. We agreed she should get them in two's, and one of the two should be Mckenna, cuz she's more like a babysitter than a kid. 

*Mommy Brain is a technical term for the recuring loss of simple brain function. One suffering from Mommy Brain will often be found repeating simple phrases, searching for lost items, and scratching one's head asking, "Where did all these children come from?" When a Mommy Brain sufferer is alone in a store, do not ask them if they need help, even if they have been there for hours. It "might" be on purpose. 


Jonathan, Sarah & Aurora said...

i understand the "mommy brain" now!!! :+)

The Murphy Family said...

HA! I now suffer from pregnancy brain, which is somewhat temporary, but turns into different degrees of "mommy brain"! :) Looks like the kids had a ton of fun... glad you have such good friends close!

Miss Jocelyn said...

Awww so cute! :)

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