Friday, August 1, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

In the midst of unpacking, getting settled, finishing swim lessons and trying to get our own pool ready to be used...this is what went on directly behind our house.  One building in Mckenna's school caught fire. We have no backyard neighbors--the school is immediately behind our backyard fence and the picture was taken by me standing on a ledge and looking over our fence. Seriously.  

The firemen were there as quickly as possible--I hardly had time to realize the annoying sound I was hearing was the school's alarm system. They were brave--we saw them climbing on the roof where the smoke was pouring out to cut a hole with a chainsaw in order to vent the heat, I am sure. Then the smoke changed, flames came shooting out, and within 15 minutes it was back to smoke as they got it more under control. I would say the entire incident lasted a good hour, and the trucks were there for a couple more hours cleaning up. I sincerely hope that it does not affect the students' first day of school coming up in about 3 weeks! It seemed to stay contained to one or two classrooms, but I feel awful for those particular teachers. Mckenna was a little bit distraught, but got to see first hand how incredible fire fighters really are. 

Try not to laugh, but being the well trained mountain woman I became, wanted to run inside and pack some bags. Dan reassured me that this is not the mountain, we are not in danger, and that I should not spend any time doing so. It took quite a bit of restraint, but I did not go inside to pack photo albums and changes of clothes.

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