Saturday, August 2, 2008

Finally some good Karate shots

Most of you know that Gabe and Mckenna are in Karate. It's actually Mixed Martial Arts. For those of you who know what that is, try not to be shocked that we put our kids in it. For the rest of you who, like me up until May, have no idea what that is, a simple definition is that it's traditional karate mixed with submission grappling and some boxing.

One Saturday Mckenna and Gabe were the only two who showed up for class, so they got some good one on one teaching time with the instructors.

They have so far learned 4 of 20 steps of an intricate Karate movement. It's incredible to watch.

This is submission grappling. Mckenna is practicing an "arm bar" on Gabe.

And some work at the punching bags. They know at least 6 different punches and 5 different kicks. 

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The Murphy Family said...

Ahhh... children after my own heart! My favorite was the arm bar... you feel so powerful!! So, Carlee, when are you going to join??