Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer is Turning out to be....

...A blogging hiatus. 

Here's the rundown:

After a very, very full week (and by full I mean everyday packed) we attended a Saturday night wedding and then on Sunday sent a happy grandma off with our kids so that we could take our youth group to summer camp.  That was a great and exhausting 5 days.

Friday we got home around 11 am,  and Melissa came at about 2. I think. We took her Julianna and Julianna's friend Devin to camp. All 5 Russells and all 4 Smiths, plus Devin, (that's 10 for the mathematically challenged) went to a 4th of July Swim party/BBQ at 4:00. We got home around 10 after lighting off a bunch of awesome fireworks.

All 10 of us are chilling here--swimming, playing, relaxing--until tomorrow night. Then it will be the 5 of us plus the middle Smith, Madisyn, for another week. Yea! Mckenna and Madisyn get along so well, she is a joy to have here.

But....escrow is now going to close on or before the 15th. Again, if you are not so good at math, that's in 10 days. We fly to Portland for a wedding on the 19th and have various youth trips planned.  When are we going to pack and move?

So, my goal is to post about every 7-10 days. Right now I want to tell you all about camp, the great couple we met there, cutting Madisyn's hair for Locks of Love, and Karate. So more is coming, just slowly...

Until then

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