Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July!

"Reunited, and it feels so good."  That's how we felt this weekend when the Smiths came to stay with us. It was more like old times, just hanging out and being together a lot, like last summer. Madi and Kenna played together non-stop all weekend, and loved the pool party we went to for the 4th, put on by a couple at church. Madi is staying with us all week!

These are the guys we spend at least 3 nights per week with, guys who have chosen to partner with us in ministry. They are invaluable. kids think they are the greatest, so that's not so bad either. :o)
(Dan, holding Jules, Ben top left, and Jeremy at the bottom.) 

Oh, these  goofy girls. Deb went out and bought some funny pool toys, and the big girls thought that was great. Here they are, being themselves.
Our little Firecracker, all dressed up for the 4th.  She was perfectly adorable until she ate watermelon.
Yea! Our buddies, the Smith kids. Too cute as always.

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The Smith family said...

these pictures are great!!! Love your new camera! we miss you already.