Friday, June 20, 2008

Who do you think this is?

Uncle Tim just sent us this video. He said he took in August, 2004 when he got his new camera. Watching it was like a flashback for me. It's not Jules, but her big sister. I remember Mckenna at this stage so vividly. I know that our pastor's wife made the dress for her, I know that she is using the toy as an instrument (she still makes up instruments and uses them in her singing performances), and I know that her hair was in a pony tail that was looped through itself, and those front pieces just always fell out. I remember like it was this morning, and yet it was nearly 4 years ago. 

My Mom and Dad are coming for a visit tomorrow! The kids are super excited. We are going to show them the house (as much as we can) and go to dinner, and then swim. 

Tonight we are going to Kyle and Joanna's. Yesterday was Kyle's birthday and I have been promising to make him a carrot cake, so tonight's the night.

If you missed it, I posted a Father's Day tribute to my dad, but it posted below the house one even though I posted it later. 

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