Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are three half written posts saved, waiting for me to finish and post. Who knows if they will ever make it out of blogger limbo. Such is life.

But, since we are getting further into Escrow, and so far everything looks good, I thought I would give you a picture to look at.  It's just the front of the house--it's the only one I could get to post on the blog.

There is good news and bad news on the house. 

First, all the good.  Dan talked with this great guy from church who does pools for a living (I think!). He talked Dan through converting our chlorine pool to a salt pool and how to drain and wash it himself. He was such a blessing to us. We now feel like we can do what we want to do a lot cheaper than we thought. I also found this incredible custom pool cover that gets anchored to the concrete and holds hundreds of pounds. I would feel a lot safer if we can get that.  Escrow is progressing and we are just super excited to get in!

The biggest good news is that our leasing agent at our apartment has agreed to let a new friend from church just take over our lease. It means that we will save our entire month's rent for August--nearly $1300. Yea! 

The "bad" news is that our escrow closing date is now set for July 25 instead of July 11. That is a problem because we need to be out of the apartment and have it cleaned before August 1st if we are going to do the transfer of lease deal. So, be praying that works out and escrow can close sooner!

Okay, I am working on posting more and finishing the ones I started.


Heather said...

I'm excited for the Russel family!

Kimberlee Russell said...

So exciting about saving money in August! And be careful when you pray about getting out of escrow earlier...you never know how it will happen...houses can catch on fire!
j/k =0) We are excited for you all!