Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Quick Update, Bullet Style

~Tomorrow we are buying one of those picture transfer things that you put your memory card in, since we cannot find our camera cord, and therefore cannot upload any pictures--and we have some good ones--wait for it with wicked anticipation.

~Today Mckenna went to her first day of school. It's a crazy school, deserves it's own post, but basically she is there on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 3:30 PM. That is SIX AND A HALF HOURS. I miss her, Gabe is lost without her.

~Tomorrow we take Gabe to the doctor. We will start down that long road of finding out what plagues his tummy, why is always has a headache. The Dr. THINKS it is a gluten allergy, we really, really hope it's not. She is going to run a million tests and get us in ASAP with a GI Specialist. Keep praying, for the diagnosis and our ability to handle it wisely.

~Along the same note, Audrey found a Holistic Pediatrician that will take our new insurance (starts in April), so if we do not like what we hear at Kaiser, we can get a different perspective from this guy. Audrey knows him and is taking her precious little guy to him first to check him out. Really, what would I do without Audrey?

~I (foolishly) agreed to play in an Alumni Soccer Game the end of April. That gives me (foolishly) less than 2 months to whip this body into college-soccer-playing-shape. (Foolishly) I think I can almost do it. I play football (Ultimate Frisbee style) at youth group on Wednesdays, play running/sprinting games with the kids outside, and Dan and I will start going to the park with a soccer ball. Add that to the 3 runs a week I will start next week and I will not die on the soccer field in April, maybe.

~I love living close to my Arrowhead youth group girls. I see them a lot, and it is wonderful. Tomorrow night Mckenna is going to a Snow White Musical with Grandma Gail, and then our former neighbor Jenna is going to watch the other two so that Dan and I can go on a real date! Yea!

That's all--pictures very soon!!

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