Friday, February 8, 2008

Gabe's Tummy Update

Dr. Appointment number one of many is over, and went well. Our wonderful Doctor showed us in detail Gabe's growth--height, weight and BMI. He is still in the 40-50 percentile in weight, and has made it to the 67th percentile in height. His BMI is 41%, which is low, but not bad. She feels that the fact that he is tall means it's not likely to be a gluten allergy! Wahoo!! So, we are now waiting on an appointment with a pediatric GI specialist, and we have to collect certain samples for the next 3 days to be turned into the lab.

We are thankful to know that he is overall healthy and growing, and now we can narrow down what causes his tummy to have such problems.

A quick, funny Gabe story related to all this-- when I took Jules to the doctor on Tuesday I told her about Gabe and mentioned how he hardly eats and doesn't like to try new foods, presumably because many new foods have hurt his tummy. SInce then, he has eaten steak and declared it delicious and Orange Flavored Chicken from Panda Express, which Mckenna the brave thought was too spicy but Gabe ate a ton of and has requested chicken on a bone for dinner. What? Who is this kid, this is not like him. He would decide to try new food and eat a ton of them the exact week we decide to get him checked out. Oh well, we still need to find out what is happening with his tummy.

Off on our date soon, hopefully to buy the downloader thing and post some pictures.

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