Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Big Kindergartener

Today Dan, Gabe and I took Mckenna to her first day of kindergarten. Wow, how is that even possible? When I look at Juliana I feel like she is Mckenna, that my first baby was just born. So strange that my first baby is at school. No tears were shed, we are all excited, and she is brave and so thrilled to be a big girl at school. But let me back up a little, because Mckenna has had an eventful week.

On Monday we went with Melissa to sign Mckenna, Gabe, Madisyn and Jackson up for Karate. They are so excited to do it--none of them wanted to do soccer :o( Then we went to the mall. Madisyn had lost her earrings and needed a new pair. And, Mckenna said she was ready to get her ears pierced! She has talked about it for 3 years, but had never been quite ready. So she picked out very pretty gold studs with a small pink stone. She cried a little, but overall was tough and they are so pretty. She looks SO grown up and it adds a sparkle to her face. She is very excited about them and is looking forward to geting a new pair for her birthday, which is when she can take these out.

Tuesday night Dan and I took her to meet her teacher and see her classroom, and find her desk and cubby. We met the little girl who sits next to her and her teacher is SO wonderfully nice. We are thrilled. She had her first homework--to decorate her nametag that she is wearing today.

Fast forward to this morning. We had picked out her outfit, down to her socks and shoes. She was up at 6:10 this morning, had cereal with Papa, and watched Sesame Street with Gabe. We did her hair, she brushed her teeth, we took some pictures, and off we went! Dan isn't working today so he could do everything with us and Gabe decided at the last minute to come with us instead of staying home with Grandma. Everyone has asked how I am doing. Well, it's Mckenna. She has never cried at a separation, ever, and I know she is so ready for this. She could have gone last year, but we stand by our decision to wait a year. Besides, I cherished this year with all three of my babies home and they had a great year together. I will miss her the 3.5 hours she is gone, and I know this starts the school phase of our parenting years, which comes with added activity, driving, and bills, but it is exciting to see her go out on her own and learn and develop. She is a wonderful joy, so full of imagination, life, and has a huge herat for God and for others. Recently she has been praying: "Dear Lord, I know Mommy and Daddy are talking about adopting one orphan from Haiti, but I want to adopt 2 so that there will be more room for other orphans who need to come there." She always watches out for Gabe and Jules, and has that parenting panic if she thinks they are missing. I see us butting heads, and being great friends in the future, and cherish my first born and all God has made her to be.

So here are some pictures of my big girl. New earrings, first day of school, and the 3 of them all dressed up for our family date last week.

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