Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Converstaion with Gabe

I just had a conversation with Gabriel that I just had to share. Gabe asked if God can die. Mckenna said, "No, he's been alive for at least 100 years, he can't die." I start explainin that God is eternal...right, Gabe is 3, that went well. Somehow we started talking about people dying, and they both want to understand who dies and when. Mostly I focused on heaven, and how wonderful it will be and that once we are there we won't die and there is no sadness, no sin, no sickness, which got Gabe's little mind going. He asked if we come back here, and I told him we get a new place to live right with Jesus. He said it sounds kind of like moving (is that an indication of our crazy life or what?). Then Gabe asked if Jesus will get us new bunkbeds. I said we will have a wonderful place to rest, and if bunkbeds sound good then that works for me. Which led to his next question: "Will God buy us a new car in heaven?" As I supressed laughter, I told him that if we needed a way to get around heaven, then yes, God will take care of us that way. He said, "Yippee! I knew God would get us a new car!"

He also asked things like if he would have the same face. This time I had to supress tears. I told him that I will know who he is, and that I look forward to seeing him with Jesus in heaven someday, and that he will know me too, and all our friends and family who trust in Jesus. I hate talking about death with my kids, I just want to hide in a false belief that they are invincible because they are so little. But I find it so reassuring to know that God loves them even more than I do, and that He cares for them. A friend of mine from college lost her little girl to Aplastic Anemia last spring. Logan was 6 years old when she died, and her family is never far from my heart. When I sent Mckenna off to kindergarten, I thought of Logan's sister going to her first day of kindergarten, now the oldest child in their house. When I signed Mckenna up for Karate, I thought of Logan never getting to play soccer or other sports, something she loved doing. And now that I have two at home for a few hours a day, where Gabe has to be the oldest for a little while, I think of Logan's two sisters and their changing roles without their big sister. but Cindy and Dan, Logan's parents are an inspiration. They have remained heaven focused, and though they grieve deeply, honestly, with great loss, they also rejoice because they know Logan is with Jesus and they long for the day they will be reunited with her. If you want to read their story, look around their website

On a totally different topic, we had fun with the camera the last few days. I took a picture of Mckenna on her 2nd day of school (I will try not to make her take one everyday!) and she just looks so grown up! And Juliana is in that absolutely adroable stage where she does cute things all the time--like put on Gabe's helmet and sit in his carseat. No new pictures of Gabe just yet, he is not always camera friendly.

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The Smith family said...

Your children are amazing - what a blessing. You are such a good mother to them! How cute Mckenna is on her first day (and second!)Miss you guys!!!