Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye my Faithful Friend

How do you say good bye to a loyal, faithful friend?
How do you comfort three heartbroken children?
How does 12 years go by so quickly?

He loved us so completely. From 6 weeks into our marriage until 12 years and 13 days in, Daniel and I had the greatest dog ever. And now he is gone.

I had no idea it would hurt this much.

As we held our aching children and cried together, Daniel reminded us that this world is not as God originally intended. It is fallen, cursed because of sin, and everything is affected. Even the best dog cannot stay young forever. I know he loved us. He knows we loved him. And I long for a perfect world once more, where sin has no grip.

And best friends don't die.

Thank you, my loyal Rocky, for teaching us that just being together is a reason to be joyful, and that life is better lived with exuberance and faithful love.


Grandma Cyndi said...

Rocky was the most devoted, loyal, faithful friend ever. He was insanely smart, crafty and even sometimes frustrating, but a better dog no one could have had for these past 12 years. He protected you and entertained us all. We are feeling a large hole in our hearts this morning. Love and healing to you all.

Jules said...

And thank you for shoving me into a gutter ol' boy!!!!! I will never forget you, thanks for always watching out for us! You will be missed