Friday, April 15, 2011

A New Reading List

The last time I posted about books the response was tremendous. It was this post on Parenting Books and many of my friends and siblings were having babies at the time. Likewise, many conversations recently have turned to books--books for moms, books for men, books for kids, books for Christians, books about kids, books for homeschool, books about get the point--so here is what I have read and plan to read, as well as my kids' reading lists. I have not read them all, and I do not necessarily endorse them all, so if you want actual recommendations other than what I write briefly here, please just ask. Also, if you want to borrow one, ask, and if we can loan it out we will.

The Christian Life:

Slave: The Hidden Truth about your Identity in Christ
Adopted for Life
Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations (Mckenna and I are reading it together--we love it!)
Evangelism in the Early Church
On Being a Servant of God
The Obedience Option


The Most Important Year in a Man's/Woman's Life(we used this book to spark discussion during pre-marital counseling with a sweet couple, and it is excellent!)

About Homeschool:

When You Rise Up (R.C. Sproul takes a Covenant approach--I am not in full agreement, but there is great stuff in the book)
A Thomas Jefferson Education (I am very interested in this, but I am an ecclectic homeschooler meaning I pick what is best for each kid each year, rather than subscribing to one system of education)

For Homeschool:

Mathematicians are People Too
Usborne Book of the Human Body (I am in charge of this's quite thorough :o)
Magic Tree House books (PLUS Research Guides. I get them from for $3.95 a book or less. Then I use to get some worksheets and project ideas)
Story of the World Volume 2 (We have the book, the CDs and the Activity Book. I cannot say enough good things about this history program)
Buliding a Winning Curriculum from Vision Forum. (I do not subscribe to everything at Vision Forum, however, there are some great tools. And it's where Gabe's Bow and Arrow are from, and I could easily build my kids' gift wish lists from it!)
The "Adventures In" series from Good Times Travel Agency. (These books are hilarious and educational.)
Marguerite Makes a Book (Love this beautiful book. We found a recipe for paint from her time and illustrate our own pages too. So fun!)
Parables for Kids


The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
Three Cousins Detective Agency
American Girl books
Ballet Shoes
The Story of the Treasure Seekers
Treasure Island
Aesop's Fables
Julie of the Wolves
Little Women
Secret Garden
Homer Price
Misty of Chincoteague (LOVE this book!)
Jane Eyre
Stuart Little
The Cabin Faced West
The Chronicles of Narnia
NKJV Bible for Early Readers (full Bible in larger print)
American Girl: A Smart Girl's Guide to Manners  (every girl needs this book!)


Magic Tree House (see above)
Star Wars chapter books, which Grandma Gail finds cheaply at her used book store
Boxcar Kids (all 20 something of them--Mckenna read them too)
God's Little Warrior Bible (not my favorite bible ever)
Dr. Seuss--Gabe's sense of humor is definitely developing!
Books on Sharks, Dolphins, Snakes or History


Little House books (with my help, she can't read them herself)
Early Readers
Phonics Readers
Fancy Nancy
God's Wisdom for Little Girls
God's Little Princess Bible

For Review (I get them for free and review them):

Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer (very good if you like stories of the Amish)
Now I Walk on Death Row

Some Books Daniel has read the Kids at Night:

Swiss Family Robinson (Hands down our favorite book, and so much better than the movie. Definitely find an original copy or a copy of the original. The new versions lose a lot)
Ender's Game (with parental editing)
The Chronicles of Narnia (all of them)
The Hobbit
The Biography of Eric Liddell: Something Greater than Gold
The Fellowship of the Rings

My next adventure:

The American's: The Colonial Experience
The American's: The National Experience
The American's: The Democratic Experience

We will use Story of the World, Volume 3 next year, and see what is happening in the whole world during the time that America is beginning to develop. However, since Mckenna will be a fourth grader and has not specifically studied American History (we take a chronological approach to history), and because there are incredible resources around here for American history, we are taking on the history of our nation. Since it is my worst subject in terms of having a timeline in my head, and really understanding what went on, I need to brush up!  These books look enjoyable AND educational for me.

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