Monday, January 3, 2011

Update on Jadelyn and the Baby

Oh those eyes, and that pouty lip.

Jadelyn is still at the hospital. She had a total of 5 seizures on Saturday, none since then. She's not eating much, and isn't feeling too great either. She had to be on oxygen on Saturday and Sunday, came off it, but went back on it Sunday night. I am not sure about those details, but I know that when she had seizures in the past she stopped breathing, and once her grandma performed CPR. They have her on anitbiotics to ensure that the cold she had last week really clears up. But, they are sure the cold did not cause the seizures--she ran only a low grade fever. Being sick can make her more susceptible to seizures though.

My kids made her the sweetest sign: We love you, Jadelyn! With xoxoxo around the border. Like me, they just want to do something. Anything.

We are praying also for Kyle and Joanna, Daniel's sister and her husband. They have held steady at the hospital with their sweet girl, but are exhausted, and feeling sick.

In good news, my nephew is going home today! He has some jaundice, so they are taking the light home with them, but all is well. So excited and thankful for him to be here safe and sound!

I only have cell phone pictures so far. Here is Elijah!

Thanks for the support and prayers!

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Grandma Cyndi said...

Still praying for all three (4) of them, thanks for the update. Elijah is so sweet, happy home coming to them.