Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today has been a banner day. What that even means, I don't know, but it fits.

My nephew was born today. 34 hours plus of labor, and my very tough sister in law delivered a perfect baby boy. We prayed yesterday and through the night (we woke up a lot...dumb cat), and he is here and wonderful, and Kris is doing great.

Around the same time, my other sister in law was calling 911 because Jadelyn had 2 seizures. It's been over a year seizure free, and she was weaned off her anti-seizure meds months ago.

So while we are welcoming our newest precious addition to our growing extended family, we are also scared out of our minds for sweet Jadelyn.

You know the rhetoric we all tell our kids: "Life isn't fair;" I think I will stop saying it.

I told that to Mckenna today when we had to cancel fun dinner plans because the littles are sick and I am trying not to be.

I told it to the kids when we cancelled on our friends coming out here for a visit for the same reasons.

But I hate it. Because this is not fair, and that's not a good enough answer.

If you knew my niece, you would know she is the most charming, adorable, observant little girl.
You would know she takes the cutest pictures in the world, she loves garbage trucks, and she names all her dolls JuJu after my Juliana.
You would know that I have convinced her to point to me when asked, "Who's your favorite auntie?" and that her lip pouts when she thinks.

She is my first niece, and holds a place in my heart so dear, so close...I can't imagine what her parents are feeling tonight, because my own heart is broken.

Family is a funny thing. We don't always get along perfectly, sometimes we annoy each other. And yet in times like this, all of that disappears, and we just love. I want to be there with them, in that room. There is nothing I could do that they are not doing...nothing...but somehow being together sounds right.

So tonight I just pray. I thank God for a healthy new nephew, and beg Him for answers and help for our girl. And that has to be enough.
Mckenna, Juliana and Jadelyn in their matching jammies


Allie said...

Praying for your sweet little neice. I hope she recovers well, I know how draining it is. I feel so bad for her, especially after a good year of no seizures.

Jennifer said...

Good thoughts coming your way. Seizures scare the stink out of me as parent and as doctor. The pure powerlessness is humbling, frustrating, and frightening. I hope she is well and home quickly.