Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful Challenge, Day 15

15. Memories. What would life be like without memories? You, for instance, probably have no idea what is truly happening in this photo of my awesome husband:

But Mark, Audrey, Daniel and I do know. And it's funny. I know we were hiking to Juli J's wedding. I know it was nuts, freezing, windy and gorgeous. I know we chose the hard way. I remember wondering if that was a good idea. I also remember Mark and Dan seeing a perfect photo op, and Mark climbing around the rock to shoot Dan pulling this move. See how his hand and feet are wedged into a crack? That's how you climb a crack in a rock if it's a vertical climb. Which this is not. When I saw this picture that Audrey posted,  I laughed out loud because I remembered. And I am thankful for memories.

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