Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful Challenge, Day 12

12.  Home School. It's just what it sounds like: School at Home. And it's nothing like it sounds: Our day is nothing like a day at school. We snuggle under blankets and read great literature. There is not a textbook in sight. We use Legos to learn math, a toy castle to show our mastery of history, and more markers than pencils. Chores blend with Science experiments and cursive lessons in a seamless harmony of learning in real life. And when we want to play, we play. More often than not they end their day asking for more school, and that's how I know it's working. Being home with the 3 treasures the Lord has given me, teaching them not only the 3 R's but life, character, and faith is more than enough reason to give thanks.

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