Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Halloween, Part Three

This is how much candy the kids came home with.


We combined bags and sorted.
  Then each kid picked 10 pieces. 

I know, we are cruel.

The rest is either trashed or sorted to give away.
And no, the kids were not mad.

Oh, and the cake? 
Mckenna won it at the cake walk.

Cuz that's what we needed.


Grandma Cyndi said...

Maybe too late for this year, but some dentists pay a dollar a pound for the stuff then ship it to the troops to pass out to the kids in the villages. Just a thought for next year. They all looked adorable and I can tell they had a great time. Glad it was so successful

The Smith family said...

you inspired me to allow my kids to pick out 15 pieces and get rid of the rest...I secretly took out the ones that will pull out their fillings...see they already have fillings...hence the inspiration! thanks friend!