Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, Part 2

Warning! Extreme Cuteness Ahead!

My girls were in the mood to be photographed. I had actually dressed them in very adorable, dark purple dresses with purple boots (and jeans for Mckenna, leggings for Jules), but it was so cold they couldn't bear to take off their jackets. Oh well!

 Jules at her "Microphone." Mom, take a picture of me singing! she said, in all her adorable-ness.

 My big, helpful, wonderful girl.
 Yep. She's cute.

 Posing with Adam on the "cannon."

Love, love the fall colors and weather.

 This little guy was just so sweet, soft, and adorable.

Load it up....

 Shoot it!

Gather the ammo and do it again.

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