Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I were Shakespeare

Mckenna loves a song from Lego RockBand: Check Yes Juliet, by We the Kings. It's catchy, and fun, and easy to remember, and the girls sing it all day long.

I am not so crazy about the message of the song, though it's not horrible.

So, I decided to explain the plot of Romeo and Juliet to her, you know, since the song is a reference to the famous play.

She was not impressed.

"If I were Shakespeare," she began, having no idea what weight those words hold for those who know who he is, "I would not have Romeo and Juliet die at the end. Maybe they would pay some consequences, but not die like that."

I love the innocence of children.

Saying, "If I were Shakespeare," is more paramount than saying, "If I were the president," or "if I were an astronaut," since the president only holds that title for 4-8 years, and people do grow up to be astronauts.

But my daughter, in her youthful bliss, can say that. Who's to say that what she does with her life will not matter as much as Shakespeare has mattered to literature, theater, and history? Why not? She can be whatever she sets out to be.


Juliana has found something to aspire towards that is, however, impossible. She likes to be Gabe's twin brother, named Bean, which includes wearing his clothes and matching him, sleeping shirtless, and playing with Bionicles.

But in her imaginary world, she can be his twin, and she can relish the attention she gets as a cutie-patootie girl dressed like her brother.

With a bow in her hair, of course.

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