Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beginnings and Endings

In the midst of a wonderful week of homeschool--which is going incredibly well--soccer, church activities starting up, and a nice change in weather, today has been sobering.

First I heard that a dear man, the father of a friend of mine with whom I was very close in Jr. High and High School, is on hospice. I don't have the right to share his personal information, but he has endured physical and emotional suffering beyond what most of us even can imagine, as a result of contracting a disease while receiving treatment in a hospital, in the 80's I think. As long as I have known him he has worked hard, lived hard, played hard, and dealt well. A recent second diagnosis of a new disease, followed by pneumonia, seem to have worn out his tired body. My friend said that saying he has a few weeks is pushing it.

Tonight I read some words that were possibly even harder. An incredible friend of mine from college, who lost her first child to a blood issue at 6 years old, is in the adoption process with 2 children from Haiti. But the Lord saw fit to relieve the tiny little sister of her lifetime of suffering, not by bringing her home to a family who already loves her, but to her final home in heaven. I know that this precious child is now relieved from all her pain, and she is truly safe in the arms of God, but I grieve for my friend, her husband, and their two children. That phrase my kids like to throw out, "it's not fair," rings in my head too.

I am reminded how much passion and love there is in me for orphans. I do not know what plans God has for us with orphans and adoption--right now we support an orphanage and school in Haiti--but I know that my heavy heart leads me to serious prayer for orphans, for adoptive parents, and tonight for my friends.

Please pray with me this week for these two families. One is seeing a courageous man finish, one is in the thick of a battle to save orphaned children, a new start.

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