Monday, June 21, 2010

Hours of Fun

Gabriel has his own room. Since he loves to talk, snuggle, and share, we were concerned he would be too lonely.

We were wrong. Dead wrong.

On the contrary, he LOVES having his own room, although he will not refuse a sister wanting to play with him or with his toys. Since he has the most room, many of their mutual toys are in his room, and he is not possessive of his space or things in the least. But, each night as he climbs into his amazing bed, his smile gives away his joy.

The view from the hallway. We bartered for this loft bed--traded our elliptical to our dear friends and took their daughter's cast off custom bed. It is the bed that keeps on giving. A double, loft bed, a dresser plus more drawers, a twin trundle hidden away...

...a desk with a pull-out shelf, perfect for Legos now and a computer later, and what you cannot see is a whole storage closet that runs the length of the bed in the back. Incredible.

My son requested Orange bedding. Orange.

He had to get new bedding since we had none for a double bed. Ikea to the rescue! Orange striped bedding for $15. Phew! Mom and I found the material for the valence on clearance at Joann Fabric, and I just love it! Melissa gave him that great Orange lamp for his birthday. He loves it!

The dresser under the bed holds toys--Legos, "figures," Bionicles, games, etc. This dresser holds his clothes and his bedding, plus some too-big clothes for next season. He is so proud of how he set up his own bookcase and selected the locations for his pictures.

What's missing from these early pictures are the Star Wars, The Clone Wars, stickers he received for his birthday which are tastefully on the wall around the light switch, and surrounding his sleeping area.

The stickers glow in the dark.

And did you notice the Tent that is pitched in his room?

Truly, this is a little boy's dream bedroom.

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Grandma Cyndi said...

Perfect! How to use orange and not feel like a pumpkin. Such a great bed; it will carry him all the way to college, good choice. Love the tent too, a fun time will be had by all.