Sunday, June 20, 2010

Butterflies and Kittens

Although these beds stack into bunk beds, the girls wanted to try them separate. Secretly, I like them this way. Though it's much less space-efficient, I think it looks so adorable.

Mckenna really wanted to paint her room purple, but since we are renting and would have to paint it back to white, we chose not to. In an effort to make her room feel like her own, I searched for removable wall stickers, and mom and I found these. Adorable.

They already had coordinating quilts, mom and I sewed the valance (the green fabric is butterflies), and someone had given me these sweet curtains many years ago, and I finally got to put them to use!
Juliana's wall has her "J" we painted for her many years ago, her precious I Know You (Sleeping Beauty) lithograph from Auntie Kris, and this adorable flower bow holder Melissa gave her for her birthday.

They are sharing this dresser, which works just fine, and we set up our dollhouse in the corner. Juliana plays dollhouse for hours, pulling the step stool over to reach the high rooms, where the parents' bed is. She is a girl's girl when it comes to make believe.

Everytime I walk past or through their room I smile. Mckenna's rooms were always blue, and they often have shared with Gabe also, so we have never had a very girly room. This room blends their interests, and is sweet while not being too young for Mckenna. I simply love it. I chose to get the kids' rooms set up all the way as quickly as possible so that they would have a fun, bright place to play. So glad I did. All 3 play in both kid rooms all the time.

Gabe's room is up next...every little boy's dream room...

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Grandma Cyndi said...

It is perfect, so sweet with out being babyish, I can see Jules at the doll house. How do they open the dressers left drawers? :).